Grant Writing for Queensland Sports Clubs + Organisations

Each year Sport and Recreation clubs and organisations have a chance to secure funds from grants offered by Government on a state level, and by councils in their local areas.

There is over 2 Million dollars in grant funding available in 2018, which may be put towards improvement of infrastructure, community-based sport and active recreation activities that increase opportunities for Queenslanders.

The goal of the Queensland government is to maximise participation  in sport and active recreation throughout the state.  Your clubs success is paramount in making this mission a reality.


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Queensland (QLD) Government Grants and Funding programs for sporting clubs

Your sporting club may be eligible to receive funds provided by QLD government that can help facilitate growth and improve your clubs facilities and infrastructure.

There are many programs out there that your club may be eligible for you and you may not be aware of. These may include the following.

IMPROVE - Sports Grant funding to help improve infrastructure

UPGRADE - Sports Grant funding to help improve your facilities

GROW - Sports Grant funding to help you grow your club

PLUS +  Many other grants and funding schemes

Grant Writing + Sporting Club Strategy

As full time sport grant writers and professional sports club strategists we offer many services to help your club compete for grant money from Australian Federal Government and QLD State Gov agencies.

We also offer other services focused on improving Sports Clubs, helping you succeed in running your organization.

Grant Writing + Application Services

We offer a full Grant writing process/service which includes researching grant opportunities, writing extremely competitive and compelling grant proposals, participating in debriefs with Sporting Club Organisation on results from proposals.

We serve to ensure the long-term success of your Sports Club helping in fundraising and applications of Queensland State Government sport grants program.

Australian Government + QLD Sporting Government Grants

In a close partnership with your sporting team, we lead the construction of grant writing and submission for all federal government and QLD Gov sports grants.

We ensure your narrative is strong and your entire application package meets the rigorous standards laid out by the government body that will be awarding the funds.

Finding Sport Grants available

We keep a keen eye on all developments in the Queensland State Government relating to sporting grant funding opportunities that arise.

We use this research develop a list of strong matches with grant-makers and your sporting organization.

Grant Writing Proofreading + Editing 

If you have already started a grant proposal and require a second set of eyes, we have a proofreading and editing service that may be just for you.

We proofread your grant proposals in full, and offer suggestions on ways to improve the application, before you submit it, making 100% certain your message is clear and precise and that all instructions and criteria of the grant maker has been exceeded.

Grant Writing Help

We offer private sessions to make suggestions and offer advice for your sports grant proposals and applications. This includes offering insights on what to do in order to improve your success in securing funding.

If you have been unsuccessful  in the past we can help improve your entire grant funding application process, and before long, turn your future applications into winners.

We are on your team!

Let us keep you up to date and informed with all the latest news on sports grants and funding relating to your sports club or organisation. regardless of where your club is located in Queensland,  or which code of sport your club is in, we would love to work with you.

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Clubs and Organisations just like yours benefit by using our services to uncover funding and grants available, and secure funding for improvement of their club or community sports group.

See how we have helped clubs just like yours.

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