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We do things a bit differently, and that's the way we like it!

david-mcmahon-community-helper - National tree planting @Goondiwindi with Cooper from St Mary's

National tree planting @Goondiwindi

David McMahon with Cooper from St Mary's Primary School

David McMahon CEO SportGrants.com.au

"I am constantly asked what grants are out there for community groups and sporting clubs. The dilemma is these groups could and would apply, even for the smaller grants if only they knew where to look!"

Our Team

We are a small Australian owned and operated family business that service all sports and recreation clubs and organisation in Queensland.

Our small team are community orientated and enjoy helping sports groups of all sizes thrive across our great state.

We understand the benefits that sports have on people of all ages, and are grateful to participate in getting and keeping Australians active.

Our Story

David McMahon CEO of sportsgrants.com.au has spent years in various aspects of local government as a town councilor and public servant for the Queensland courts which has given him great inside insight into how the process of fund allocation and grants are processed and approved.

This inside knowledge is a guiding light which will help your club navigate the bureaucratic maze to the finishing line of secure funding your club deserves.

He is also an active community member and a former sportsman himself, with a keen interest in all sports. It was through his voluntary work in the local community and involvement with many local sporting clubs where he uncovered the essential need for outside help in grant application writing and processing.

As word of mouth spread about his abilities to help with funding, sporting clubs far and wide, reached out for help, identifying there was obviously a gap that needed to be filled, he stepped up and made it his full time business.


Our mission is simply to get funds to deserving community organisations and sports clubs. We endeavor to connect non-profits and sporting clubs who are seeking grants with Government funds.


  • To keep Australian sporting communities economically fertile
  • To strengthen the non-profit clubs
  • To improve our communities overall


We’ve been around for years, are partnered many Queensland sports clubs to better management processes and policies and connect with grant funding from governing bodies, and other fundraising activities.

We would like to share our experience and knowledge helping QLD sports clubs like yours to better management, budgeting and fundraising. We like to think of ourselves as your partner rather than your consultant and we are invested in the success of your organization because we truly believe that what you’re doing is a great thing for sport, the clubs, and its members and spectators, as well as the government organisations that have an active interest in seeing your club become a great organisation, helping Queenslanders leading a more active lifestyle, and enjoy all the benefits of playing a sport, belonging to a club

Weather your mission, to get more kids off the couch and in the game, generate new interest in your sport, your club, improve your management process, strategic management or raise funds to keep the wheels turning, we are here to help your club succeed.

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